The 1325 Network is the first civil society Network in Libya that gathers diverse groups of organizations and individual activists to work specifically on women peace and security in the country.
The network was initiated by the Together We Build organization who took the role to administrate and raise funds for the network, Idea of establishing a network of organizations in Libya to promote for women peace and security first started late 2012 and was officially launched in June 2014.
On the day the network was launched more than 21 organizations from all over Libya joined the network, alongside 30 activists.
The work of the 1325 Network in Libya focus on;


The network organize trainings on UNSCR 1325, women peace and security, gender in conflict, peace and conflict, these trainings targets local civil society organizations working on grassroots in Libya.
The advocacy work of the network targets national decision makers and international community to Libya, promoting for women in mediations, negotiations and security sector reform.
On a national level our advocacy targets prime minister office, ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of defense, and ministry of interior. Also the constitution drafting assembly.
Monitoring the implementation of UNSCR 1325 in Libya
The 1325 Network in Libya worked on the first civil society monitoring report on the implementation of UNSCR 1325, that was part of the annual global women count report.
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