Libyan Women: Peace & Security

Libyan Women: Peace & Security

Libyan Women: Peace & Security 768 512 Rida Altubuly

Women’s rights are an essential part of the overall human rights agenda, and women’s empowerment is intertwined with respect for human rights, where women are able to live with dignity and enjoy freedom.

Now, in relation to Libyan women, at this critical time of Libya’s transition, whatever is done, big or small, it can empower and help them to face challenges, and to defy the present terrible situation in Libya, where the state is the weakest since Libya’s independence in 1951.

The civil war in Libya has significantly exhausted women, and even that women have not been consulted as whether they would have war or not, they are paying daily the price of each armed clashes outbreaks in different areas of Libya.

However, in fact, Libyan women in all parts of the country are opposing any kind of war. And if Libyan women independently united without any regard for men’s exclusionist perspectives and tribal or regional dimensions, they can become a most powerful force for peace and solidarity.

Furthermore, women, especially in civil society, if they come together and focus on the main causes of Libyan women, they can succeed in making the Libyan government(s) learn more about women’s needs in armed conflict and post conflict situation, and how to advance women’s rights in the light of the United Nations’ resolution “UNSCR1325”.


Rida Altubuly

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