My Little Experience

My Little Experience

My Little Experience 1707 2560 Sajeda Sharief

Although I am very fortunate to have been raised in a family that believes in youth and supports young females, like me, to build up their personality through good education and by giving them every possible opportunity to build up their capacity, up till recently I was apparently too young to realize the value of being surrounded by truly active females.

My family doesn’t just believe in youth and the importance of empowering females to play their real role in life, theoretically, but some of my family members started working on it long time ago. When I was nearly nine or ten years old I noticed that my mother and my older sister are experiencing the joy of being activists; as a young girl then I was wondering how can someone put in long hours thinking of others and work hard to create a change in others’ ability and capacity for better life; few years ago I could not realize that even through just small ideas like raising awareness, someone can makes women recognize the necessity of giving females the right to work and build up their own future, so they can be independent and become able to manage their own lives.

Despite being so young, one day I had experienced a painful feeling when I was prohibited from entering a venue hall to attend an event called “Vote for her” which was supposed to support the women who were candidates for the 2012 elections – apparently, because of my young age; at that time I had a strong desire to attend that event to understand issues I used to hear daily from my mother and sister about women empowerment, etc. The event was held in Radisson Blu hotel in Tripoli, and I remember that there was a wide stairs in the hotel, and people who were organizing the event asked women candidates to have a photo there; however, when I saw a number of women getting on the stairs to have that photo, I didn’t understand the reason behind it, but, I decided to take part of what was going on and I had managed to get on that stairs quickly as well and I ended up being in that photo.

Now, as I am growing up more and more, I started seeing these opportunities that we as young girls can be a part of. Recently, I have got enrolled in a program called the Competitive college club (CCC); I will never forget the day in which I have received an email informing me that I have been accepted in this program; I felt the joy, perhaps, a bit similar to that I used to see with the case of my mother and sister. Here I am, started putting my feet on the first step of becoming active in the society; I have a lot to offer and I am sure that CCC and many other programs and charities will add a lot to me. I would recommend young females to take part in programs, join charities and participate in raise awareness of other young girls towards their rights in living with dignity.