Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020

Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020

Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020 960 640 Najah Abdulkarim

Najah AbdelKarim: Contributing Member

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the team of TWBI wants to send a message of inspiration to why they believe in women and girls empowerment.

1. Who is your role model or inspiration (female)?
My mother. She is a doer not a talker. She achieved so much and had never let anything stop her.

2. In three words, why are you an activist?
Change is needed.

3. Why are you a member of TWBI?
Because we believe in the same ideas and we are each others support system reaching it.

4. In one sentence What’s your message on IWD 2020?
Just because it’s the way things have been for years, doesn’t mean it’s right. If things aren’t fair, Make changes and adjustments that will make your life easier with no regrets.

Najah Abdulkarim

Member and Active Contributor

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