Human Rights Day | Ta3beer Exhibition

10 December 2018

On the 70th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights day, Together We Build It (TWBI) along with Habka magazine in partnership with  Defender Center for Human Rights and the Libya platform opened up the the art exhibition “Ta3beer: express it the way you see it!”.

The exhibition took place at the Art House in Tripoli from 11 – 14 December 2018 to mark the Human Rights day through exhibiting art work for the public to highlight major issues within the Libyan community such as the issue of gender based-violence (GBV) that Super Nsaween highlights through 4 different stories talking about sexual harassment, economic rights and security, political rights, self-determination of young girls. All four demonstrating the types of violence women go through with or without the realization of being subjected to violence.

As well as the art work of “Drawing for Peace” by Habka featuring Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies that highlighted issues like detention conditions, migrants, citizenship. Which are all important topics to highlight as they are related to human rights violations.


The event is co-sponsored by the Delegation of European Union and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Libya. The idea of the exhibition was to highlight major problems related to human rights and to give the chance for the public to discuss these violations happening within our society that are demonstrated through Arts that should trigger conversations that will express what they see as the name of the exhibition entails