She is Libya

Our #Shes_Libya video campaign, in partnership with the Netherlands embassy and with support
from the UN Women, was launched across all our social media platforms on International Women’s
Day (IWD) 2020. Presenting the real-life stories of three young Libyan women who have been
internally displaced by armed violence, our video invited viewers to understand the humanitarian
effects of displacement. The campaign was launched on our social media platforms and widely
promoted and discussed by a group of Libyan media influencers who we had worked with in the
days leading to the launch. With a total outreach of 560,530, we were gratified to reach more than
half a million Facebook users, and more than twenty thousand Twitter and Instagram followers, both
in and beyond Libya. Four top male influencers were among the best distributors of our campaign
message. We also had the opportunity to do an in-person presentation of the campaign video, with
the support of diplomats in Tunis including the Canadian embassy. We have continued to track the
impact of the video, including the discussions it generated, and have found a continued strong
response from men, including many who stepped in to shut down a single hateful response to the
video that was posted on IWD. The actions of these male allies turned the hater’s intentions around
and gleaned us even more publicity for the campaign.