The First Meeting for “Women in Municipalities” Team

The First Meeting for “Women in Municipalities” Team

The First Meeting for “Women in Municipalities” Team 6000 4000 admin

Working towards peace through only formal peace processes can produce fragile and unsustainable peace. Together We Build It organization (TWBI), we believe in the importance of preparing local communities “The Base” and working to pave the way for peace resulting from the formal processes “Top of the Pyramid”. Sustainable peace won’t be achieved until all segments of the community feel the ownership of this peace and that will be through the consideration of each segment’s needs and reflects matters on the ground.

Reliance solely on efforts to avoid war will not lead us to real peace. This is why our vision, in particular, is “the need for parallel efforts that seek to build together civilized societies to form the backbone of peace.”

Within the framework of the Peace building Initiative from the “ground” to the “top” and to promote the participation of Libyan women in peace building and decision-making at the community level, TWBI, in cooperation with powerful women from several municipal councils from around Libya, is taking the initiative to unite the efforts, through forming a women’s team to work on a peace-building initiative from the local level to the national level with the active participation of Libyan women who are members of municipal councils.

In this regard, after several consultations, TWBI in Tripoli on 26-27 October 2019 held its first meeting with the team of “Women of Municipal Councils” Team. With the participation of women : Haniyeh Abu Khurais (Municipal Council / Sirte) and Mrs. Awatif Al Jdimi (Municipal Council / Friday Market) Ms. Mabrouka Abdallah (Municipal Council / Targhen), Ms. Khairia Othman (Municipal Council / Al Jufra), Ms. Sabriya Al Zarqani (Municipal Council / Tajura), Ms. Enaam Triki (Municipal Council / Tripoli Center), Ms. Fojra Al Hamri (Municipal Council / Zawiya) and Ms. Suad Al-Henshiri (Municipal Council / Gharyan) and Ms. Nadia Abusriwil (Municipal Council / Janzur).

Thank you to all the women members, we appreciate having you with us on board, allocating your time and sharing your ideas with us. Each one of them has a rich experience worth of sharing, so wait for us. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”,  this meeting is the beginning of a great journey.