Change The World With What You Do, Not What You Say!

Change The World With What You Do, Not What You Say!

Change The World With What You Do, Not What You Say! 960 720 Zubaida Baroni

Your role changes the world, not your opinion. One of the roles that inspire me to participate in changing our lives for the better is helping raise awareness on the importance of acknowledging the truth on our own and not depending on the inherited perceptions. This intellectual heritage that is passed from parents to children that is considered sacred even if it’s negatively affecting us

I had the chance to see this role take place in a social-media campaign that the Together We Build It organization started called “Super Nsaween”.

 I believe Super Nsaween helped spread the understanding of the different kinds of violence that women in Libya encounter by sharing personal stories from the perspective of the females of this society that follows rules issued by older generations that aim to stop women from speaking against the verbal\sexual\economic and political violence. the stories where told in eye-catching comics.

Volunteer work, especially in supporting feminism generates worries\creates barriers that may hold us from participating. to break those barriers i had to find a place that allows me to leave individual feminism and become part of a feminist movement that fights violence against women in Libya and the world. My aim and long-term goal is to solidify the importance of realizing the facts so we can create a life without those authoritative perceptions that keep us from our right in living an honorable life.

Zubaida Baroni

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