Conflict Side Effects

Conflict Side Effects

Conflict Side Effects 960 656 Rawan Khalfallah

A group of students right in the heart of war torn city , decided that fighting with pens is much more helpful than fighting with weapons.

Agreeable as it is, youth are the back bone of the society, Alas their opinions are always ignored, and their voices are usually shut, which is exactly what the UNSCR 2250 (2015) aims to change…

Enabling young people to become a highly important party in the decision making process, empowering them as an effective party against radicalism.

Neglecting youth perspectives in the peace and security process during and after conflict, is ridiculously harmful, why & how?

Two words: violent extremism.

Violence is a strong, heavy impacted word. Heavy physically, mentally, psychologically, and socially!

Yes, socially; war torn countries adapt, or rather still –cant escape adapting- violence as an everyday routine among the civilians, specially youth. This fact will start attracting terrorists and criminals, which on their part they will start tempting and attracting OUR society, once again –specially youth-.

But if you think that fighting terrorism, criminal groups, and radicalism alone, are more important and less trouble making; think again. As vulnerable as youth are, the time the world takes discussing the bad guys alone, the bad guys are snitching our young generation, beckoning them to walk under their wing, playing the good guys role and giving the attention they lack , training them and convincing them of how angelic their cause is; therefore Building their army bigger and stronger.

Applying that not only on young people, but women also, that’s why the whole deal now, is creating “on ground political space” for them both to have their perspectives reflected.

Rather still, this is pointing how important countering \ preventing violent extremism to adapt in the everyday life aspects, not only youth and women.

In my opinion, what countering Violent Extremism should mostly concentrate on, is finding the root of the problems causing the mess; right in each society its targeting. Which is not exactly an easy task to do,  Not since that the surrounding –specially- in conflict areas , always make sure that even little kids must understand how important violence is in everyday life, promoting it as the ultimate solution for any problem.That creates nothing but the core of the storm  –although we are indeed in the middle of it.

Countering violent extremism  and Preventing violent extremism here should be adopted into each circle leader , staring from parents of  a small family up until presidents of wide nations, trying as much as they can to be of a better influence, changing the damage already occurred in every corner,  regardless of the fact , that the human being is almost always afraid of change, even when they realize its for the better.

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