Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020

Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020

Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020 588 569 Zubaida Baroni

Zubaida Barouni: Contributing Member

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the team of TWBI wants to send a message of inspiration to why they believe in women and girls empowerment.

1. Who is your role model or inspiration (female)?
It’s hard to name one role model because I believe we are diverse by nature that we cannot get inspired by only one person. Many women and men around me have inspired me greatly.

2. In three words, why are you an activist?
Because it’s still unpeaceful world.

3. Why are you a member of TWBI?
Because it’s a powerful combination of members who have the same motives and similar backgrounds. Being a member in TWBI is inspiring me to keep growing as an activist.

4. In one sentence What’s your message on IWD 2020?
Remember that the world profits on your self-doubt, believing in yourself is a rebellious act

Zubaida Baroni

Member and Contributor

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