Advocacy: Women in International Conventions and Resolutions


In our work, we extensively use international conventions and UN resolutions as components of  international law to advocate for women’s rights in Libya; this made us interested in making Libyan women know more about women related international conventions and UN resolutions, and accordingly, this project targeted groups of  local civil society organizations and national decision makers, and independent women activists.

The project consisted of:

1) Training 

The series  of training focused on raising awareness on content of the CDAW convention, how to use it to advocate for women’s rights in local context and how to monitor the national implementation of the convention. In this project three training were conducted in the main three regions in Libya;Tripoli –West, Benghazi-East and Sabha- South.

The participants of these training were representatives of local civil society organizations, members of the General National Congress GNC , representatives from the Libyan government, and independent women activists.

The training sessions  were conducted by experts on CEDAW and the implementation of the convention in North Africa and the Middle East.

2) Booklets:

As part of raising awareness tool, we created booklets in Arabic explaining CDAW convention. More than 5000 copies were distributed among civil society organizations in more than 30 cities in the Libya.