Advocacy: Women’s Political Participation

8 June 2012

My Vote for her campaign: supports women standing for The General National Congress (GNC) election 

After the Libyan revolution in 2011, the National Transitional Council organized public elections for the General National Congress, which was the first public democratic elections after several decades of Libya’s independence in 1951 . In this project the Together We Build it organization in collaboration with Libyan women Union, worked hand by hand to break political and social barriers for women’s participation in the political process.

The project included; political advocacy campaign for the electoral law to adopt positive measurements to ensure women’s participation in the General National Congress. Public campaign; a media campaign encouraging Libyan society to vote for women candidates running for the elections,  the campaign targeted both Libyan women to run as candidates for the elections, also Libyan society to vote and support women candidates running in their districts.Support for women candidates; training on public speech, political participation in public life and other different training were delivered to women candidates. Recommending qualified Libyan women for political parties to include them in their running lists. Also providing media opportunities for women candidates in national TV channels.

The campaign comprised two public events which were held in Tripoli:

I) My Vote for her – Western region

The first event gathered the women candidates from Tripoli and the surrounding western region, on one hand to give candidates from western area the chance to meet each other “one to one” prior election,  on the other hand, to make them reachable to women Audion who were attending to gathering to meet candidates personally, to help them making their minds to elect the right person.

II) My Vote for her – All over Libya

The second event gathered almost all women candidate from all over Libya, more than 300 hundred candidate women attend the event. High officials attended this event where Libyan government represented by the prime minister Mr. AbdulRahim Alkeeb; Mr. Iean Martin, head of the United Nations mission to Libya (UNSMIL) represented United Nations; also, the event was attended by head of High National Committee for Elections and  ambassadors of 50 embassies to Libya, with a wide range of national and international media coverage