Together We Build It (TWBI): An Intergenerational Diversity

Together We Build It (TWBI): An Intergenerational Diversity

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Together We Build It (TWBI) organization,

An inter-generational organization working to promote peace and security in Libya. TWBI beloved in the important role of an inter-generational gender approach to formal and non-formal peace building.

As such, TWBI organization decided to go fully inter-generational through adopting an inter-generational management approach and mainstream inter-generational perspective in our work.

  • An inter-generational Management: TWBI management and team members consist of senior women, young women and Girls. Our co-leadership management approach enhances the outcomes of our decision making process. In addition, it gives all members an opportunity to demonstrate and empower their leadership skills.

  • Inter-generational approach in our work: we make sure we mainstream an inter-generational perspective in our work from design projects to implantation, furthermore, we promote an inter-generational perspective in our advocacy, raising awareness, capacity building and research.

As the director of the TWBI, I’m proud of my inter-generational team, and I Credit our success and resilience to the women, young women and girls. Our age differences and our different experiences makes our work even more relevant to different groups in the country, because our work doesn’t target one or two generations, it targets all women and all generations.

On women’s day, I encourage all women led organizations and all gender empowerment stakeholders to try out our inter-generational approach, believe me once you go inter-generational you never go back.