How I Became a Peace Activist

How I Became a Peace Activist

How I Became a Peace Activist 2560 1707 Aisha Altubuly

When I first joined “Together We Build it” organization I was only 14 years old, that was in the year of the Libyan revolution. At that time, I was enthusiastic to take part in rebuilding my country.  However, now after almost six years the negative influence of the absence of peace and security started to become more visible.  With the ongoing armed conflict in different parts of Libya, life is becoming more challenging; humanitarian crises is rising, crimes rate is getting higher and higher, lack of basic needs such as medicine, gas, petrol and sometimes even food. People are getting angrier day after another and grudge is taking over the scene.

Despite all the challenges, obstacles and disappointments, I keep facing now as a 19 years old young women’s rights activist living in Libya, yet me among many other young activists we still have hope in witnessing peace in Libya again. Although that as young activists we do have our differences, but we manage to get together each on their own ways and tools to make our voices heard peacefully.

In my work, I focus on showing that peace can be achieved by highlighting its small pieces, by being on ground and in action, whether in demonstrations calling for disarmament, or taking part in events to empower women and youth in peace building, all of this, despite the unstable security situation.

When I first started at the Together We build it organization I was a volunteer, then I started to learn and gain experience and working so hard to empower myself within the organization, until I was offered to work there. I got involved with projects on youth empowerment such as ‘Leaders of Innovation’ which worked towards empowering young activists by training them on skills related to raising awareness campaigns, graphic design, film making etc.

Then I got involved in projects on women empowerment especially empowering women as peace makers and since almost two years now, I’ve been involved with one of the organization biggest projects; the 1325 Network in Libya, raising awareness on the United Nations Security Council resolution 1325 women peace and security.

As I highly believe in youth and women abilities, me among the many others of activists in Together We Build It and other CSOs will continue to believe in our abilities and what we can still accomplish, along with all the other young activists’ peace-builders working on achieving peace through advocating for the importance of including youth and women more in the negotiations, peace talks and decision making.