Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020

Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020

Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020 579 611 Aisha Altubuly

Aisha Altubuly: Co-leader Coordinator & Assistant Project Manager

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the team of TWBI wants to send a message of inspiration to why they believe in women and girls empowerment.

1. Who is your role model or inspiration (female)?

So many women out there are inspiring around the world and it’s very hard to choose one. But I have been always surrounded by amazing women who went through so much to prove their existence and were patient throughout the struggles (Hamida Elenezi who was a co founder Libyan women movement, Rida, Hajer, my mom and my university coordinator Nihad).

2. In three words, why are you an activist?

I am an activist because growing up I noticed the disadvantages and challenges women face everyday from inequalities.

3. Why are you a member of TWBI?

Because TWBI is an amazing platform that gives the space for us and any young women who wants to improve women’s status and close the gaps.

4. In one sentence What’s your message on IWD2020?

Believe in your worth and in your potential as a woman. Never settle for less and keep going.