Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020

Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020

Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020 579 614 Iman Elmojahed

Iman Elmojahed: Contributing Member

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the team of TWBI wants to send a message of inspiration to why they believe in women and girls empowerment.

1. Who is your role model or inspiration (female)?
I don’t have a specific role model never really did , to me all women inspire me differently every each female has a superpower in her; where she faced an obstacle and how she handles it in her own special way really impress me , I mean just being a women in this world is itself a battle for all of us every day!

2. In three words, why are you an activist?
I aspire to bring a little balance and fairness in this world.

3. Why are you a member of TWBI?
Being in TWBI means making changes for the best bringing a little justice and making our voice heard and breaking the stereotypes on Libya and women.

4. In one sentence What’s your message on IWD 2020?
Fall seven times get up eight.