Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020

Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020

Our Team’s Message on IWD 2020 582 585 Rawan Khalfallah

Rawan Khalfallah: Co-leader Coordinator & Assistant Project Manger

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the team of TWBI wants to send a message of inspiration to why they believe in women and girls empowerment.

1. Who is your role model or inspiration (female)?
I do not believe in the concept of role models, I’m always moved by the innate resilience women obtain to overcome all life challenges and make their voices heard.

2. In three words, why are you an activist?
If not you, then who?

3. Why are you a member of TWBI?
TWBI is not only a platform that advocates for women rights, the empowerment starts from within. It’s a space that allowed me to grow and develop as a person.

4. In one sentence What’s your message on IWD 2020?
Learn how to do things on your own, and don’t wait for someone else to make the decisions for you. Taking a step is not an easy thing. for women, the fight will always be there, and we can’t end it unless we are aware, courageous, and independent.

Rawan Khalfallah

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