Online Consultation; Libiyat Together

December 2016


Peace and security are already not a good match in Libya, but what if we add to the combination the word “women” ? Yes, it wouldn’t be so nice! Now, would it ?

The hashtag #Libiyat_Together  refers to our online consultation campaign and part of a current project that “Together We Build It” organization is conducting with the help of the “1325 Network in Libya” and with international partnership with WILPF to produce a report that would contribute to establishing a “Policy Brief”. Which works as an advocacy tool to reaffirm women’s full participation in the peace building process in Libya. Impressive enough, we received about 1000 response within 3 days only from different women.

Our main goal is to see peace and security issues from the Libyan women perspective. The problems which they are facing on a daily basis in what’s considered a conflict area, no matter how old they are, or what background they come from. Hoping to tackle on our way, what does the women of our society expect and visualize how the security situation should be.