Peace & Security: From Libyan Women Perspective

September 2017

Feminism at the Front-line: Addressing Women’s Multidimensional Insecurity in Yemen & Libya

This project has been implemented in partnership with our international partners WILPF, the projected aimed to bring local voices of women on issues related to peace and security to the national and international decision makers. through conducting on ground and online consultations (see Libiyat Together for details) with women in grassroots starting late 2016.

 The theme of the consultations focused on understating how Libyan women view peace and security, what are the peace and security priorities for Libya women in local communities, what are the challenges women in local communities face and what role women in local communities can play to enhance peace and security.

The on ground consultations took place in three region in Libya, in the west (Tripoli), East (Benghazi) and South ( Sabha), these consultations targeted women from different fields such as teachers, doctors, activists and housewives, furthermore different age groups which included senior and young women.

As we recognize the importance of outreaching to as many women in local communities as possible, we created a creative safe way to start an online conversation to encourage women to share their views, opinions and feelings on the security situation in Libya, we launched an online quiz called “what do you think of peace and security in Libya?” through method we managed to reach out to women that are unreachable, women with  persona and social circumstances that prevents them from participation in regular consultants. To our surprise we received 1000 response through the online quiz in less than 3 days, which is a proof that women from all fields and different age groups are willing and interested to contribute to peace and security when they get the chance.

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