NAP1325 – Women & Youth as Bridgebuilders

April 2018

Since beginning of the year 2017, Together We Build It (TWBI) committed to a bigger project under the Dutch National Action Plan for the UNSCR1325 regarding women, peace and security. This project is in partnership with many organizations like Cordaid, Human Security Collective, Women Peace Makers Program (WPP) and 8 civil society organizations from the different parts from all over Libya to empower civil society activists. Our partnership aims to empower and build up the capacity of the young women and men of the Libyan civil society regarding three trajectories; Human Security, Gender, and Story collection for advocacy.

The NAP 1325 for women and youth as bridge builders is a 3 year long project 2017-2019. The project consists of 3 phases in all trajectories:

First phase during 2017 includes capacity building workshops on theory of change, risk assessment, project planning, writing proposals and the topics of human security, gender, and how to use storytelling for writing policy briefs to be used for advocating peace building.

Second phase during 2018 includes developing an initiative using the concepts learned from the capacity building workshops to serve as a positive initiative regarding the three trajectories within Libya. As those initiatives come under the umbrella of two important pillars of UNSCR1325; Participation and Prevention. Enhancing the capacity of women and youth to actively participate and have a role on the national peace processes, as well as contributing to prevention of conflict to establish more sustainable peace.

Final phase which will start in 2019 includes the implementation of the initiatives to raise awareness on Human Security, the Gender sensitive active non-violent ways to reduce the influence of the harmful gender norms and drafting policy brief based on the stories collected.