Super Nsaween 2.0

25 November 2018

Following the success of “Super Nsaween” part 1, a campaign that we launched during 16 days of activism to address violence against women. Together We Build It (TWBI) organization continued the project of “Super Nsaween” and built up on the four stories that were developed during part 1 to highlight the different types of violence which women experience within the Libyan community on a daily basis but no one however, acknowledge the occurrence of this violence. 

The approach of this project was through visualizing the stories into comics to be used through all of TWBI social media outlets to trigger the public perception to debate what is considered as normal to change the status quo. Moreover, as we believe in inter-generational diversity as an inclusive approach, the characters were created to represent the wide age spectrum of women and girls who also go through violence. As we tried to upgrade our stories for part 2 and enhance them, we achieved a bigger out reach of Super Nsaween than first part. The stories have reached about 1,400,000+ people on all our social media platforms.

In part 2, we took into consideration the constructive criticism we got on part 1 to enhance the  the outreach and the plot of part  2 stories. In the plots, we showed within the context of each story how the women and the young woman who experienced a type of violence in part 1 after the interference of one of the main characters; Naema, Manal and Maram got empowered and became super too. Also, we made sure to bring in the perspective of men into the stories to show the full picture of the stories contexts. Moreover, in part 1, it was only the main characters highlighted in the colored boxes. However, in part 2 the women who were once subjected to violence and then were advised by one of the super women to address the violence they went through and to speak up which made them become super too and so they were colored to highlight them.  

First story – P2 here.

Second story – P2 here.

Third story – P2 here.

Fourth story – P2 here.