Youth: Beyond Dividing Lines

December 2018

As part of our commitment to Youth empowerment to be included in peace building process. TWBI worked on a research that would explore the role of youth despite the ongoing conflict. “Beyond Dividing Lines” in partnership with United Network Of Young Peace-builders (UNOY) shares the reality of Youth-led peace building movements in several countries including Libya, Afghanistan, Colombia, and Sierra Leone.

This research that examines the positive role that young people are playing in conflict and post conflicts areas, analyzing what are the obstacles they are facing on a daily basis. Also, measuring the enabling factors that inspires them to design creative solutions that mitigates those obstacles and shed the light on the general impact of the youth-led civic engagement in these communities. As well as providing strategic country specific recommendations on the implementation of the youth, peace and security agenda.

The research took place from April – mid September 2018. As one of our members in collaboration with an independent researcher were able to bring information from all over Libya. Throughout the period between September and December 2018 our team in collaboration with UNOY were analyzing the collected data to prepare for the launching of the report in December 2018.

Find the research report here.