Hajer Sharief on The Diploma Women Podcast

Hajer Sharief on The Diploma Women Podcast

Hajer Sharief on The Diploma Women Podcast 1574 790 Hajer Sharief

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BIO: Hajer Sharief is a 29 -year-old Libyan active woman peacebuilder who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize owing to her humanitarian work that she began at the age of 19 only. She advised the Security Council on issues regarding youth. Being severely affected by the escalation of conflict after the outbreak of the Libyan revolution in 2011 and witnessing her country descend into war, she refused to stay silent in the face of oppression and inequality. She founded the organization “Together We Build It” which developed into a platform for women and youth to achieve self-development in areas related to human security and combating extremism and violence. Her work mainly focuses on promoting the participation of women and youth in peacebuilding efforts in Libya and has therefore played a prominent role in advancing the Women, Peace, and Security agenda across the region.

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