Growing the Women Movement in the MENA Region

December 2019

As part of the 2019 projects, Together We Build It (TWBI) organization undertaken a comprehensive approach project. Which has been launched and implemented in partnership with WILPF. The project aimed at growing the peaceful feminist movement in MENA Region – under NOARD MENA project. It was composed of several activities aiming at strengthening Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda in Libya. Also to provide an adequate space for Libyan women experts to give their professional opinion about a number of topics from a gender perspective.

The project was designed to cover the following activities:

1- Monthly updates: TWBI provided a monthly update to the international community working on Libya by sending a monthly newsletters highlighting a specific issue or a topic related to the current Libyan context and tackle it from a gender perspective. Our monthly updates also included direct recommendations from a policy brief  which was based on national consultations held in 2018.

2- Expert opinions: Libyan women experts aren’t usually granted the opportunity to speak about public matters. TWBI worked on granting a space for four experts to provide their professional opinion through articles in various topics, that were published and shared in our social media platforms and website’s blog.

The Experts Opinion articles covered the following subjects: Women in the Libyan South and Political Participation, How did social media platforms effect women’s movement in Libya? , Informal Regional/Tribal quota system , and Youth role in the peace building process.

3- Complete the Picture campaign: “Where are the women?”: in response to the success of TWBI’s campaign “You’re Missing the Full Picture” implemented in 2018. Building on the first edition of the campaign TWBI worked on designing and implementing the campaign “Complete the Picture” in 2019. Within the campaign, TWBI launched a video under the title Where are the women?, highlighting the role of Libyan women who represent the backbone of many different fields at the grassroots level. Even though their roles are usually seen as limited, stereotypical and not important. However, their absence will result in the collapse of many departments and fields, e.g. Health, Economy, and Education! Yet, the only thing that doesn’t stop is WAR! because women take no part in it.

4- Universal Periodic Review (UPR report): TWBI in partnership with WILPF and number of other Libyan NGOs across the country, submitted a UPR report for Libya’s next and 3rd cycle at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. The report shed a light on number of gender related issues which Libyan women are suffering from and included number of recommendations for the Libyan government and international community to take in consideration to help improve the current situation. Problems like granting Libyan women children from non-Libyan fathers the Libyan nationality. Also, GBV related laws/regulations, Libyan women political participation, and many Human Security issues were featured in the report. Finally, holding on the side number of advocacy meetings with different stakeholders.